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Bob McKittrick FICE
Co-ordinator of UK Anti-Corruption Forum
David Martin MICE
Mac West MICE
Past Chair ICE Scotland
Peter Jefferies FICE
Christopher Jennions FICE
Project Manager
Robert Spackman FICE
Arthur Nicholls FICE
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Paul Steen MICE
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Paul McCombie FICE
Senior Lecturer, Civil Eng. Admissions Tutor
Alasdair Macleod MICE
Principal, Macleod Consulting
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Steve King MICE
Director, specialist consultancy
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Roderick Macdonald FICE
Roger Doubal MICE
James Holloway's picture
James Holloway MICE
Chartered Engineer, Infrastructure Advisory
Nigel Yarwood FICE's picture
Jonathan Simm FICE
Chief Technical Director - Resilience
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Rachel Monteith MICE
Director - Consulting Engineer
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Adrian Coy FICE
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Andrew Fraser MICE
Retired road safety engineer
Paul Adamson MICE
Adrian Birtles MICE
Michael McConnell FICE
Andrew Black FICE
Ian Parke FICE
Civil Engineer, Renewable Energy Sector.