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Charles Goddard MICE
Chief Engineer
James McCafferty's picture
James McCafferty FICE
Godfrey Bowring FICE
John Parkin's picture
John Parkin FICE
Professor of Transport Engineering
Peter Elliot FICE
daveclimie's picture
David Climie FICE
Major infrastructure builder and consultant
Gillian Castka's picture
Gillian Castka MICE
Managing Director
Michael Woods's picture
Michael Woods MICE
Project Manager
Tim Beckett's picture
Tim Beckett FICE
Stephen Osborn MICE
Chief Maritime Engineer
Mike Thorn's picture
Michael Thorn FICE
Retired Consultant and Visiting Professor
Jim Wheeler MICE
Advisor to Swanage Railway
Ian White FICE
Andrew Burton FICE
Divisional Director
Kelachi's picture
Kelachi Amadi-Echendu MICE
Strategy Manager
John Dora FICE
Owner and founder
Professor Perry Shard CEng MICE's picture
Perry Shard MICE
Head of Operational Excellence
David Hattersley FICE
Retired Business Development Director
Mark Goldsworthy MICE
Technical Director Freyssinet Hong Kong
John McFadzean FICE
BobMcK's picture
Bob McKittrick FICE
Co-ordinator of UK Anti-Corruption Forum
David Martin MICE
Mike Stephens FICE
Daryl Fossett's picture
daryl fossett FICE
Operations Director
John Townshend MICE
Retired Chief Engineer, Balfour Beatty