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Paul Jowitt FICE
Chair of Engineers Against Poverty; ICE PP 2009-10
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Richard Bayfield FICE
Consultant, Project Director & ICE Adjudicator
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Bob McGowan FICE
Former Group Chairman , Scott Wilson
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Ian Jenkinson FICE
ICE Professional Reviewer & former CEO NuLBC
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Quentin Leiper FICE
Past President (2006/7)
Jean Venables FICE
Seb Reid MICE
Principal Engineer
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Nick Preston FICE
Director, Consultant
Derek Burt MICE
Greg Haigh FICE
George Rennie MICE
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David Meggitt MICE
Partner ...VES specialist
Malcolm Horner FICE
Emeritus Professor/Chairman
Martin Crapper FICE
Peter Richardson MICE
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John (Iain) McAlister FICE
Associate Director
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Alan Simpson MICE
Simon Innes FICE
Managing Director
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Richard Ashley MICE
Director and Professor
Simon Bowers MICE
Business Manager
James Thomson MICE
Howard Richings FICE
Brian Flynn FICE
Former Chairman Flynn & Rothwell
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Gordon Pomphrey FICE
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Andrew Carrie FICE