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Richard Bayfield
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Timescale and activities for Consultation

A practical but also somewhat hypothetical question.

If one was setting up a consultation of members for a major change to our Constitution what would be the key activities and how long should be allowed for doing this.

We would probably need to include:


1. Briefing of Council Members and Regional Representatives at ICE

2. Meetings in local Regions (including overseas) to explain proposals and receive feedback

3. Parallel briefings / webinars on the internet

4. Feedback discussions and consensus building

5. Develop final plan for presentation to members and to vote on with anticipated clear mandate for final changes


My personal view is that with a clear sense of direction the above would be hard pressed to be achieved in less than 12 months.

Thoughts of others most welcome - pessimists and optimists alike!

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David Meggitt
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What ARE the most powerful questions to ask?

As we move to a new phase in the ICE governance debate and participants at every level draw breath it is indeed appropriate for Richard to start us off with a powerful question. And to drive that point home I attach a link to significant paper written by Eric Vogt and others some 15 years ago on the art of creating powerful questions: see here  (Hope it works!)

As a complement to this, I'll perhaps add a blog in the future which amplifies and integrates more current techniques involving questions. 

Like many others who have expressed opinions so far on the current state of ICE's governance change process we have much to get stuck into and I look forward to reading the many contributions to come from ICE members.


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