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Gillian Castka
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ICE Council Elections

Dear Colleagues, fellow chartered civil engineers.

You will recently have received notice from ICE regarding the 2019 ICE Council elections.

The 35-strong ICE Council, who represent the views of the membership to the Trustee Board includes general members with no specific geographical constituency.

In supporting ICE’s goal of creating a global centre of excellence, and having worked in a number of locations around the world during my 40 years as a practising civil engineer, I am standing as a general member in the upcoming elections.

I wish to lend my voice to influencing the Council to deliver value to society and by the membership. The role of Membership in ICE’s Governance is vital and I am a supporter of the views expressed in “CivilsMatters”

Thank you for your support. I look forward representing your views on the ICE Council.


Gillian Castka


Project Management Solutions

+852 6198-7926



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Steve King
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Hi Gilian,

Hi Gilian,

There are a few of us with links to Civils Matters who will be standing for election this time. I am one of them. 

I have attended the three open sessions held so far as part of the governance review, and have listened to the arguments from all sides, but in the end there is no law or guidance that prevents us from being an open and accountable member-led organisation. The more we have on Council who hold these views the better for all of us - and critically, this will be all the better for the wider public as well.


Steve King



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ICE Council Elections

Gillian and Steve,

I am delighted that the two of you have made the same decision as me, that it is important to stand for election to the ICE Council to ensure that future governance arrangements are appropriate for a member led organisation and not taken over by a largely unelected body. The way that the previous ICE governance review was carried out prompted me to support Paul Jowitt and Jean Venables in their call for a SGM and to speak in support of them at the meeting. I have also made a contribution to both the ICE Presidential Commission and to ICE Scotland detailing my views and concerns. My focus in standing for election is in better communication and consultation on these important matters and also to focus on getting more engagement from the membership in voting on these vitally important decisions for our Institution. I hope that when the ballot opens you will encourage all of your contacts to vote, not just for yourselves but also for those others who have similar aims and views. 

I wish you both success in the forthcoming election. 

Best regards

David Climie

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Richard Bayfield
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ICE Council Elections

Dear Gillian, Steve and David,

I look forward to voting for, supporting and working with you all in our wider aim to improve the Governance of the ICE.

My ICE election statement below.

Best wishes


I began my Civil Engineering career studying for a sandwich course at Surrey University back in the 1970’s. Initially I spent 13 years with Costain and worked on major projects including the Thames Barrier.

In 1987 I began studying for a part time Masters in Construction Law at Kings College London, primarily to improve my Project Management skills. I subsequently became one of the first ICE Adjudicators.

In 2003 I became Chair of the Society of Construction Law ( Subsequently I was appointed by the Construction Minister to the late Sir Michael Latham’s group of 6 “key industry figures” advising potential changes to construction industry legislation.

The latter part of my career has largely involved working with large Client organisations including Honda, UCL and the Church Commissioners. These roles have majored on risk management including dispute avoidance, thereby leading to improved project delivery.

If elected my main focus will be to promote greater empathy and connection between Members and the Institution. In February 2019 I spoke at the ICE Governance Commission advocating greater transparency, clear accountability and improved democratic processes. I am a member of


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