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2020 ICE Governance Ballot is OPEN !

ICE Members are about to be sent a ballot on ICE’s Governance.  It comes just two years after the last one.

To paraphrase Brenda from Bristol in her vox pop when she heard news of the 2017 General Election so soon after the 2015 one: "You're joking - not another one!"

Well, yes.  But this time, they’ve got the process right!  And I’ll be supporting the changes. 

In 2018, the ICE balloted its Membership on changes to ICE’s Governance; changes that proposed a Board of Trustees appointed by a shadowy Nominations Committee and not openly elected by and from the Membership.  There had been no discussion or consultation with the Membership at large. 

What discussion there had been at ICE Council had been behind closed doors and they had been sleepwalked into agreeing to a system in which the Nomination Committee would be nominated by the Trustee Board and the Trustee Board would be nominated by the Nomination Committee.  It was all dressed up as necessary for Modern Governance.  Some Council Members even seemed to believe it. 

This prompted some ICE Members, myself included, to call for an SGM to challenge the Ballot proposals.  We also set up this open access website – – to enable free discussion and to call for a return of direct democratic accountability of ICE’s Governance to its Members. 

Well, it looks like it was all worth it! 

Or it will be if the 2020 Governance Proposals are approved! 

So please make sure you VOTE, and make sure you persuade as many others as you can to do likewise!

The ICE is a Membership organisation.  It belongs to the Members, not to the hierarchy, not to the bureaucracy and administration.  Of course, that brings responsibility.  Responsibility for the ICE to communicate (including listening!) much better with its Members.  And a responsibility for the Members to be involved and engaged. 

Professional Qualification by the ICE is not just a driving licence, it’s not just stumping up your annual subscription, but it’s about being on the lookout.  Not just in Plain Sight, but looking for things that are sometimes Out of Sight. 

As an ICE Member, you have a responsibility and a role. Use it or lose it!  And use it wisely.

I’ll be supporting a return to ICE Governance through accountability to the Members.  I hope you will too.  But one way or the other, VOTE!


Paul Jowitt (ICE President 2009-10)

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