The full evidence submitted to the commission

The ICE Governance Commission has held 3 Evidence Sessions so far, and the written statements from all the witnesses have been uploaded to the Commission website.

CivilsMatters gave evidence in February. Transcripts of our Opening Comments have just been uploaded to the Commission website alongside our original Evidence Statement.  But unsolicited submissions sent by others to the Commission email address have not been uploaded to the Commission website.  We have argued that it's better to publish the lot, solicited or otherwise, so that the Membership can see the range and strength of opinions.  This would be incontrovertibly even-handed. was set up to allow ICE Members to share information and opinions on ICE’s Governance, in line with the Charity Commission’s tenet of Openness and Transparency.  Accordingly, we have set up this page on CivilsMatters where Members can post their submissions to the Commission, whether they were invited or not.  

We have already received several such submissions; as below.  Others are welcome.  Please send them to .