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Governance Review - Final Report and ICE Response

The Final Report of the ICE Presidential Commission into ICE's Governance Review was presented to ICE Council and the Trustee Board in December 2020,  And they both accepted its Key Recommendations.

The Report and all the submissions to it are now on the ICE Governance Review Website - see

And the Report has been uploaded to CivilsMatters.  See below.  Also posted below is a piece from February's NCE by ICE President Paul Sheffield in which he sets out a timetable for implementing the Commission's recommndations this year.

Governance of the ICE is being returned to the democratic control of the Members.

It's fair to say that the Calling of the SGM in 2018 has been utterly vindicated.  Thank you to those who supported the calling of the SGM and to supporters of CivilsMatters.

We can now shift attention back to the global issues of net zero carbon, the challenges of urbanisation, providing the infrastructure platform upon which civiliasatin depends whilst safeguarding the world’s environment, habitat and ecosytems.  Plenty to do!

CivilsMatters - so it won't be closing down yet!

Civil Engineering:  "the art of working with the great sources of Power in Nature for the use and benefit of society"



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Good news at last, now for Climate Climate Change ....han

While I have yet to read the Final Report in detail, a quick scan of the Exec Summary shows that the Commission has done a good job, made sensible recommendations and is seeking changes through a new ballot. Good news at last.  I'll be glad when this is all over and we can at last focus upon the really important issues such as work ofg Climate Change   

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