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The ICE 2020 Governance Ballot

As some of you will already know, the results of 2020 ICE Governance Ballot were announced at the on-line AGM on 21st July..

I think we won! 

Thank you to all...

Hi All,

Prompted by Paul's email circulating the Civil Matter's consolidated response to the interim report, I am adding below a copy of my own submission made on 13th August. I received a very pleasant reply from David Orr, who clarified the final point about meeting frequency.


Presidential Commission into ICE Governance Consultation on Interim Report dated August 2019

Submitted by John McFadzean MBE BSc FICE CEng

This submission has been prepared in response to the Commission’s request for feedback on the 
findings detailed in the Interim Report of...

Below the collaborative response I submitted within the deadline.

Apologies for the delay, I've been busy flying around the world to take up ICE Council duties.

Executive Summary

Currently the Trustee Board is too remote from the membership and lacks...