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Balance of a Trustee Body

During my relatively recent time on Council I was involved in both the Orr and Hewlett governance reviews, and in debating a further governance report commissioned from consultants.  I also served on the Executive Board as both an elected general member of council and as a Vice President.  I acted as scrutineer for last years ballot.

The Ballot - now there's a funny thing!

The "70% Majority"?

Some have questioned the fact that 120+ were able to call an SGM compared to the "thousands who voted in the ballot"


The ICE made much of achieving the required two thirds majority for the Governance changes, albeit on a turnout of less than 9%; ie 3954 of the 44,437 eligible voters!

It got the required two thirds majority by just 163 votes.  70.8% of those who voted.  But what caused 29.2% to vote against?!

Consider this: