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Milch Cows

As a member for many years there was a time when ICE supported its members.

I gained a lot of information and experience from ICE proceedings and regional meetings - as a member I both presented papers and gave presemtations at local meetings.I felt it was my responsibility to contribute.

I  no longer receive these proceedings   and they have been replaced by a number of silo subjects where you pay additional fees  to receive proceedings. If you dont happen to be a member but feel a paper may be of interest you  have to pay a significat fee to obtain one. As an author pof such a paper considerable time and effort are given freely by the authors.

If you then add all the exp[ensive conferences that are now offered and competitions of dubious value  it seems finding ways to extract mopre money is key objective.

It appears to many of us that  we are treated as milch-cows who are expected  to finance an eite and overweight  management and administration producing what appears to be vanity projects.. The  impact of these efforts appear to be modest.

We are a captive audience as we are forced to be a member to have our professional qualification. If the ICE did not have this power over us they would  lose a large percentage opf members.

As I am also a member of American Society of Civil Engineers I get a far better magazine focussed on engineering and good conferences. They are not a qualifying body and so have a large and  wide  range of members who preumably join because they get value for money.

So I as amember want to see our institution once more focus on providing value to itsmembers and dont wish to be governed by an unelcted elite who will have authority without responsibility.

A luxury we as professional engineers dont have

James Thomson C.Eng


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