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CivilsMatters response to Governance Review Interim Report – Uploaded

The CivilsMatters Steering Group submitted its response to the ICE Governance Review on 10th October. 

See the pdf below.

The response was joint effort between Adrian Coy, Bob McGowan, Ian Jenkinson, Richard Bayfield and Paul Jowitt.  The response addresses all 19 Interim findings.  The headline issues are the fundamental principle that the majority of Trustees should be elected by and from the Membership at large; that the President should chair Council in order to lead the Institution through its elected Membership body, and that the role of NomCo needs to be severely constrained.

Additional individual responses were submitted from Steering Group Members Quentin Leiper and Bob McGowan, who maintained that no evidence had been cited by the Commission or anyone else to justify shifting from the 44 Member Council of Trustees to a Trustee Board of 12.

Many others will have submitted Responses to the Commission.  And some of them have also uploaded their contributions to the CivilsMatters website, where everyone can see them and – if they wish – respond to them.  And others have asked us to upload their submissions for them, which we will do!

Transparency of process has been an underlying thread in the many reactions to the 2018 Governance Ballot.  And whilst any Member was free to submit evidence to the Commission at the outset and to submit responses to the Interim Report, the only ‘live’ platform to submit comments and make them available to the Membership to read and comment on has been CivilsMatters. 

It has not been possible to do this through the ICE Presidential Commission website.  And NCE has rendered itself almost redundant with a lead time of several weeks if you are lucky.

Many thanks for the continued support of CivilsMatters Members.  To those ICE Members who would like to join us, it’s very easy and not expensive!

The Commission is moving on to its next phase.  Please help us keep up the pressure for a democratic, Membership-led Institution of Civil Engineers. 

CivilsMatters!  And so it does!

Yours, Paul Jowitt

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