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Observations on ICE Governance review

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As one of the earliest supporters of the CivilsMatters movement, inspired and led by Professor Paul Jowitt PPICE, I continue to be proud to be a Member of the Institution. After an initial period of “wilful blindness” to the inadequacy of the means of consultation about and substance of the new top level structure of the Institution, it has initiated a new consultation with openness, albeit with a thoroughness worthy of a Victorian.

Why Victorian? New members will realise that the world has moved on from Management 1.0 with Management 4.0 now under development where the latter is alive to the sound and expression of business models – not as a white coated specialist activity but as a dynamic and participatory mechanism for change and growth.

It is with deep regret, therefore, that after a search through ALL the documents listed on the ICE website there was not a single mention of “business model.” We were trapped in the text of a Victorian novel, entirely unrepresentative of how I was taught how engineers communicated using text AND drawings / diagrams.

To elucidate, I simplify refer to my initial videoed contribution to the governance conversation here, when calling for the SGM subsequently held on 31st July 2018.

My hope is that during Stage 3 of the Presidential Commission’s task, the options put forward for appraisal will contain some diagrams to represent the ICE’s emerging business model simply and effectively.

Usefully, the groundwork is already done. The documentation mentions the words “model(s)” as follows, albeit with NO diagrams:

  • Submission by Professor Jowitt (14 times)
  • Interim Reports:
    • Vol 0 - Summary (twice)
    • Vol 1 - Full (3 times)
    • Vol 2 - Stage 1 Consultation Submissions (28 times)
  • Others (3 + 2 times)

To build on this, I commend the Value Exchange System (VES) approach described by Chartered Civil Engineers as published on Amazon (The VES Handbook: Meggitt and Sarri, 2019.) With this, one can then progress to examining a business model’s viability, integrated assurance / governance credentials and the overall flow of value based on people and the roles they play.

I look forward to the outcome.

David Meggitt CEng MICE

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